What is this?

Jan 25, 2011 at 2:55 PM

What this program will do?

Feb 19, 2011 at 2:44 AM

I am new in the project so I also have the same question. But from the name it is clear that the project output will be a software that will study about you, learn about you and might be more. As a new member, I have checked the source and it seems like a Quize that gives point on your different emotion (e.g Anger, happiness) and based on this points it may do something that you will like. Say show you a report or play the type of music that is uniquly prefered by people of your nature or whatever.

I am not sure but what I would suggest are

  • Quizes are boaring, lets not do it
  • Day to day interaction. Say monitior the type of application you are using, and sometimes show you a message or ask you a question at different time of the day.
  • Disturb you and entertain you and monitor your reaction
  • And ultimately understand who you realy are.

Yes the system should do lots of activities to pull out your different type of emotions and reactions.


Most of the times even your best friend fails to understand you just because your innerself is not exposed to him/her. If you continiously use anything then it becomes your habit so you stop being formal (Just like a new friend and a chieldhood friend). This actually exposes yourself to the object you are using and if the object is intelligent enough then it have the chance to learn about you.

PS Well fellows, I have just told something from my imagination. So i have a better chance of doing mistakes, Please correct me.