What's up?
We now have the pre-alpha!
start.PNG The main "control pannel"
asker.PNG It randomly "talks" to you if you don't talk to it
talk.PNG When you want to talk to it, you can

Why should I use SAL? Why is it better than all the other open source AI applications?
The difference between SAL and other AI implementations is that SAL is completly user-oriented. It's not a library, it's not a Game of Life, and it's not Bing. What it is, though, is a complete artificial intelligence, you interact with it like another human being. So it may not be a library, Game of Life, or Bing, but it's a lot more.

OMG! I've got an AWESOME idea and I really want to tell it to you and I really want to help you! How do I do that?!?
Relax! just join us! Click people and then click "Join this Project." Hope to see you soon!

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